Exclusive: Face ID on its way to the Mac

Face ID was announced back in 2017 with the iPhone X, which marked a huge step towards innovation & security. The TrueDepth Camera System included an Infrared Camera, Proximity Sensor, Flood Illuminator, Ambient Light Sensor, Speaker, Microphone, Camera, and Dot Projector to scan your face by projecting over 30000 invisible dots to get an exact 3D Reading of your face. Apart from this, Face ID can also unlock your phone in the dark and within a jiffy. Face ID was even faster on the 2018 iPhones followed by which it got implemented on the iPad Pro in late 2018 with an edge-to-edge design. Will Mac be the next?

With macOS Big Sur Beta 3 being released just a few days back, we have discovered new evidence suggesting that Face ID is making its way to the Mac. As Apple will be implementing their own chips in their future Macs, there’s a very high possibility for Apple to add Face ID to their Macs which will have the Neural Engine, just like the iPhone, capable of handling Face ID operations while also keeping Face ID data locally and securely, which means that Biometric data does not leave the device. Apple announced its transition to its own Apple Silicon at the 31st World Wide Developer’s Conference in an all-new online format. They announced that they will launch the first Mac with Apple Silicon this year and the full switch to Apple Silicon will take place in 2 years.

We have found Face ID references in the system files of macOS Big Sur Beta 3 under System/Library/CoreServices/CoreGlyph. There is a clear mention of Face ID in these files and since Apple will use their own chips, Face ID can be implemented taking advantage of Apple Silicon’s Neural Engine and its Security features.

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David Becker
Author: David Becker

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