Apple M1 benchmarks leaked on Geekbench

The next-gen MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini with the M1 chip

Apple during their “One More Thing” event on Tuesday announced their custom designed, Mac-specific M1 chipset. With claims of upto 5x graphical performance of the older intel chip and up to 3.5x performance, M1 chip promised big performance improvements over the previous models. Since then, the Geekbench results for the M1 chip in a MacBook Air has leaked. Premature benchmarks show the chip beating intel’s highest-end i9 processor found in the MacBook Pro 16-inch.

Apple claimed the M1’s high-power cores are the most powerful among all processors in the industry, but customers may have taken this with a grain of salt since all Apple showed were vague graphs and performance metrics. However, a leaked benchmark apparently from the MacBook Air puts all speculation to rest. The alleged benchmark made it to official Geekbench website.

The benchmarks 

The alleged benchmarks for MacBook Air [10,1] with Apple M1 claims to be from MacBook Air with 8GB of RAM. Single core score shows a result of 1687, highest single core score of all time on Geekbench browser, even beating the $50,000 Mac Pro. Multi-core performance shows a result of 7433, which beats out the intel core i9 in the 16-inch MacBook Pro. According to the Geekbench Browser, the M1 chip is clocked at 3.2 GHz at base frequency and has 4.00 MB L2 cache.

The leaked benchmarks show MacBook Air with M1 beating all other intel based notebooks from Apple. Important note: MacBook Air does not have a fan. However, 16-inch models with dedicated graphics cards are expected to be faster than Apple’s integrated graphics. 

We can extrapolate the benchmarks of this MacBook Air and expect an improvement in the performance of the M1 when it is put in a laptop with an Active-Cooling setup like the MacBook Pro.
There are also other benchmarks available for the MacBook Air on the official Geekbench Website.

These benchmarks should be taken into consideration with caution as no MacBook Air reviews are out yet. The ambiguity among the results are yet to be verified since all CPUs across the lineup should have similar performance.

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