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Exclusive: AirTags and Third-Party Accessory Support in Find My

Apple recently released the first iOS 14.3 beta to developers. Included in system files, glyphs were discovered of the rumored AirPods Studio. Find My now includes a hidden section with the codename ‘Hawkeye’, which is support for tracking accessories including AirTags.

Appleosophy Media Designer Anton Bulzomi, has found exclusive references to third-party accessory support in iOS 14.3 beta 1 and Find My version 2.0. Codenamed ‘Hawkeye’, the string file within Find My reveals ‘Add non-Apple products to Find My’ which suggests third-party accessory support could be near.

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‘Add non-Apple products to Find My’ from HAWKYE string file

Other glyphs were discovered, including headphones, a backpack, and luggage. Reported earlier this week as AirPods Studio, these may not be the final design or the AirPods Studio, as the file name includes ‘TEMP-ICON’ potentially meaning it is a placeholder for a final image.

Glyph files from Find My

Discovered by Appleosophy Editor Pururaj Dutta in April, an Apple Support video confirmed the naming AirTag’s in the Find My section of iCloud. The video tutorial that AirTags were discovered in was ‘How to erase your iPhone’. In the video the following was discovered, a toggle which ‘Enables your iPhone and other supported accessories to be shown on the map’ and ‘Enable Offline Finding’ which AirTags are listed under. Read more about it here.

Apple Support Video Image of Find My

AirTags are a tracking device by Apple which has been leaked and rumored several times. AirTags are expected to feature UWB technology, similar to the iPhone 11 and 12 series, Apple Watch Series 6, and HomePod mini. They are also rumored to be Qi charging compatible, which was discovered on Twitter by @caleblin_apple. The Tweet below shows AirTags and MagSafe.

There is no date of when we expect to see AirTags, with leakers often changing their dates due to various manufacturing reasons, though we expect to see them debut alongside AirPods Studio In March.

Have a look at our AirTags concept:

Let’s hope we see AirTags soon! Stay updated with the latest Apple news at Appleosophy and follow our Telegram News Channel here.

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