A black color Apple Pencil to be released soon

The next-gen Apple Pencil is rumored to have a black color option. Apple Pencil only has one color option as of now. With the addition of a new color option, it will be a great update to the iPad users.

The Apple Pencil helps to increase productivity and also gives a more natural input method to iPad users. The last updated version of Apple Pencil was released 2 years back. It featured significant improvements like a new design and charging mechanism.

Source : Twitter
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According to Mr White, a Twitter user, Apple is planning to add a new black color option for the next generation of Apple Pencil. There are no further details about the specifications or features at the moment.

Till now we have not heard any news from Apple on releasing a new Apple Pencil. It is rumored that Apple is working on a mini LED version of iPad Pro and the new Apple Pencil may release with that.

Krish R Nair
Author: Krish R Nair

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