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Redbox unveils contactless mobile perks passes

It’s been over a year since Redbox began to add NFC readers at its mobile kiosks across the U.S. 

Now the company has started adding its Redbox Mobile Pass and making it available on customers’ mobile wallets. 

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The way how it works is once the user has created a Redbox account with a Redbox Perks membership (which is free to do), they will have to download the Redbox app in the App Store to get it or wait for an email from Redbox to add the pass to the Wallet app on their iPhone. 

When at a Redbox kiosk, tap the “Sign in” button on the kiosk and then tap your iPhone with the NFC/card reader like you would if you were using Apple Pay, but make sure your Redbox Perks mobile pass is the digital card being used. 


Once signed in, you will be able to add movies to your cart and purchase them with Apple Pay from your iPhone or Apple Watch. 

Another reminder is that though who pay with their movie purchases with Apple Card from Redbox kiosks will get 2% in Daily Cash on each purchase they make at the kiosk from their iPhone or Apple Watch.

To learn more about the new Redbox Mobile Perk Passes, watch the company’s video about it below. 

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