Update on Dollar General accepting Apple Pay

A couple days ago, we reported that some Dollar General stores have been accepting contactless payment methods such as Apple Pay. 

While it is still a gradual rollout, there was a new report from FlyerTalk Forums where a user recently talked about their experience at Dollar General using a contactless payment method. The method they used is not specifically said, but that the method would have to be an NFC-based payment method, which would be a payment method like Apple Pay. 

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The comment comes from FlyerTalk Forum user bc097: 

“Update: I went back to the same location today but the register with the old card reader (Ingenico iSC480) that most locations still have and that had working contactless too! It had the same new UI that the Lane/7000s have.” 

On top of this, some Reddit users and workers at select Dollar General stores have reported that they have seen Apple Pay be used at their stores. 

dakotadream from Reddit said on the post regarding Apple Pay acceptance at Dollar General, “My registers take apple pay the sco too.” 

Another Reddit user, Jgryder, had a similar comment: 

“…My sco takes apple pay. But the other card readers dont….I was told that another store was taking apple pay on the normal registers this must be why.”

So far, there has already been proof of Dollar General accepting Apple Pay as a payment method. The last occurrence happened last week, with a Reddit user posting a copy of their receipt, which showed that their contactless payment method was accepted. 

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What are your thoughts on these latest upbringing for Dollar General accepting Apple Pay? Let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy

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