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New AirPods Model Could Come in Two Sizes

Rumors have suggested that a new AirPods model will be launched next year. Now, new leaks by Twitter user Mr-white point out to different sizes for the 2021 AirPods redesign.

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Shown in the pictures above, we can see the difference between the original AirPods Pro internals (right) and the new rumored sizes is only a matter of size. The leaker also mentions that the W2 chip is still being used in these new models, which is confusing. There is no W2 chip on any Apple products, but this is likely the H1 chip included on all of the AirPods line (AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max).

It is yet unclear if these will ever be released. Mr.white’s track-record has been slightly off. According to AppleTrack, they have a 25% accuracy for four rumors. He previously reported that the iPhone 12 would include a braided cable and that there would be a black variant of the Apple Pencil, but these did not come into fruition.

Bloomberg and other reports have surfaced about Apple’s attempts to shrink the AirPods earbuds. These have not been successful, according to multiple sources, and there have been a lot of obstacles during this procedure.

It is still unclear if there will be any improvements to the 2021 AirPods. Multiple sources, including Appleosophy, have reported on the existence of a new generation of regular AirPods. These might feature a similar design to AirPods Pro, but lack the ANC feature from the $249 variant.

One of the features that would be very exciting to see in these new earbuds would be a LTE or 5G wireless connection. That way, users could stream their music directly to their buds thanks to Siri and Apple Music. There haven’t been any trustable leaks or rumors about this, but it will be exciting to see this in the near future.

Emilio Morales

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