More proof of Dollar General accepting Apple Pay in its stores

We have been reporting for months that Dollar General is planning on accepting Apple Pay at its stores. 

A recent video posted to YouTube shows Apple Pay being accepted at the company’s new self-checkouts. 

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On the screen, you should be able to see an NFC logo vividly in the video, which is the universal sign for supporting NFC-based mobile payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. 

IMG 8322


What this is showing is Dollar General stores that have the self-checkouts in them are accepting Apple Pay. 

At this time, stores that are not accepting Apple Pay are the ones that do not have self-checkouts, as Apple Pay support seems to be a self-checkout-exclusive feature. 

It should also be worth noting that Dollar General’s self-checkouts are using the Ingenico Lane/7000 card readers, which are the same ones Home Depot uses at its stores. However, Home Depot itself still does not accept Apple Pay in its stores. 

Since Dollar General is accepting Apple Pay in at least some of its stores now, Apple Card users will be able to get 2% in Daily Cash on each purchase they make from the self-checkout in the store, as long as they pay from their iPhone or Apple Watch. 

What are your thoughts on Dollar General getting more Apple Pay support in its stores via self-checkout? Let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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