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New Apple Maps Feature in iOS 14.5 Beta 1

Apple is experimenting with Waze and Google Maps like reporting features in iOS 14.5 Beta 1

Apple is experimenting with a new user reporting feature set similar to that found in apps like Google Maps and Waze. Users can now report accidents, speed traps, and hazards using the new report button found in the bottom pane.

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Calling upon Siri, users can also use voice commands such as, “Hey Siri, there’s a speed trap here” or “Hey Siri, there’s a hazard in the road here”.

As first spotted by Mac Rumors, when users are tied into their vehicles and the CarPlay interface is open, users are able to access this new reporting interface as well. Once a user submits a report, they will see a confirmation once the report has successfully submitted to Apple.

While Apple has now added this new feature that has been popular within apps such as Waze, Google has had this same interface since 2019. Google’s reporting interface also has more options such as slowdown, construction, lane closure, stalled vehicle, and object on road. (Image bellow is of Google Maps)

Images used are credited to Mac Rumors and their earlier reporting on this new feature.

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