Apple’s Find My Network Now Open to Third-Party Accessories

Appleosophy | Apple's Find My Network Now Open to Third-Party Accessories
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Apple today updated its Find My application to support third-party accessories for the first time. For the first time, users will now take advantage of this app to locate their other misplaced accessories, not just Apple devices. This crowdsourced network has hundreds of millions of Apple devices that use Bluetooth technology to locate missing devices even when they’re offline. This provides a secure and private experience with end-to-end encryption and anonymous reports.

How Third-Party Device Makers Can Integrate with Find My

Earlier this week, Apple released its Find My Certification app to iOS users. This enabled third-party accessory makers to integrate privacy and security features from the Find My network. Other accessory companies have announced the first wave of products that will take advantage of the Find My app. These products will launch starting next week, including the Chipolo ONE Spot item finder.

Chipolo One Spot Item is one of the first Find My-enabled third-party devices, Credit: Apple Inc.

Speaking of item trackers, Apple has hinted that AirTags will launch sooner rather than later. Apple is planning to release a draft specification for chipset manufactures later in the spring. This is the beginning step for manufacturers to take advantage of the Ultra Wideband technology found in U1-equipped Apple devices.

Find My network accessory program

Along with the updated Find My app, Apple also expanded the Made for iPhone Program with the Find My network accessory program. In order for any products to connect to the Find My network, developers will have to comply with the privacy protections of the Find My network, similar to how app developers provided privacy labels for their apps. Approved products must feature a “Works with Apple Find My,” and they will appear in the new Items tab.


The Find My app is available on Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. What do you think about the Find My network opening its doors to third-party devices? Are you excited with this big change? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @Appleosophy.


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