Apple’s HomePod Models Can Now Integrate With Deezer

When the HomePod initially debuted back in 2018, reviewers and customers alike criticized the lack of third-party integration. Users were limited to using only Apple Music unlike other smart speakers with other streaming services built-in. Since the release of iOS 14.3 alongside the HomePod mini however, Apple changed its roots to allow third-party integration to better compete with other smart speakers. Starting today, you can take advantage of integration with Deezer.

In order to connect with Deezer, you have to actively subscribe to the music streaming service. Make sure you download the app on an iPhone with iOS 14.3 or later. Once you have everything set up, you can use Siri to play songs on Deezer. Additionally, you can set the service as a default option in the Home app.

Recently, because the original HomePod struggled with sales because of its limited integration, Apple discontinued that model in favor of the HomePod mini. While better integration is always welcome, the most notable exception is Spotify. Apple and Spotify have a very competitive relationship. Spotify is planning a huge lawsuit against Apple. The worst case is that you would have to use Airplay to stream Spotify on your HomePod, which is rather unintuitive.

What do you think about Deezer’s integration? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @Appleosophy.

Nick Soong
Author: Nick Soong

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