Zoom Gains Special Access to iPad Camera API

By now you’re already familiar with Zoom as it grew into a hallmark web conferencing app during the ongoing pandemic. Chances are that you would typically use Zoom on your laptop or desktop, but the quality of those webcams were not the best.

On the other hand, if you use an iPad with a better camera, the Zoom experience is not as intuitive. Not only you tend to use it in landscape mode where the camera would be off-center, but you also can’t use Split View during a Zoom call. Otherwise, the camera would be disabled when running another app simultaneously.

Earlier in February, according to the official developer forum, a staff member had confirmed that Apple has let Zoom use the special iPad camera API to allow Split-View multitasking during a Zoom call.

This came as a surprise because Apple has not granted other developers access to this unique API. Adding to the mess, Apple has received a lot of heat from Epic. Over the past couple of weeks, emails have revealed that developers gained access to those “closed” APIs. Apple has continually claimed that it treats all of its developers the same.

Just recently, Apple announced its new iPad Pro. It offers the new Center Stage feature, where the ultra-wide camera would center its subject. Because the iPad Pro launches on May 21, we don’t know whether it will remedy the “off-centered camera” issue. If you’re getting the new iPad Pro for Zoom calls, let us know how it works in the comments below, or tweet us @Appleosophy.

Nick Soong
Author: Nick Soong

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