Opinion: Alternative applications for AirTags

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I have owned my AirTag for more than a couple of weeks and I can say that it is quite the cool little Apple accessory product to own.

During that time, I have discovered just how cool this product can be. You can use them to track items like car keys, your Apple TV remote, a backpack, etc.

However, there are some other rather unique ways to use the product and

Here are just some of those ideas:

  • Keep track of the dog: Ever wondered what happens your dog wanders outside of the house and the backyard? Use this to see where the dog goes or to even catch the dog if they do run off and get lost.


  • Your vehicle: You know those devices car insurance companies give you so that if you are in an accident or someone steals your car, they can easily track you? Well, eliminate the middle man and get an AirTag to do all of that for yourself.


  • A backpack: For those with young kids that want to keep the lookout for them from afar, perhaps sticking an AirTag in a secret or hidden compartment in the bag will enable the parents to see where their child is at all times. This is not to say that parents should be doing that because there needs to be a certain level of trust, but with kids being kids, and being the mischievous devils they can be sometimes, a little extra hidden protection could help them.

Those are just some of the ways I have come up with to uniquely use an AirTag.

What are your thoughts on the AirTags? Do you have and use yours regularly? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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