HomePod lineup to support Lossless Audio in future updates

Apple Considered a Battery-Powered HomePod

Apple has confirmed a future software update will bring Lossless Audio support to the HomePod and HomePod Mini.

Last week’s press release created a lot of discussion as to which devices would support Apple Music’s new features. But recently, internal documents have surfaced, claiming Siri-enabled speakers would gain support for Lossless Audio.

This would not only make the Lossless feature available for more Apple Music users, but it would be one of the few ways to play these type of high kilobit rate tracks on a wireless audio device.

Bluetooth standards haven’t reached a point where they could play the new ALAC codec. AirPlay, in the other hand, could help in this scenario. Since this technology consists on a simple WiFi local connection between the two devices, this could overcome the kilobit issue presented with Bluetooth.

All these improvements coming to more devices is great. Conventional Lossless setups require a wired DAC and professional-grade headphones, but this would make it easier for users to enjoy music in the way their favorite artists intended.

While this update does not have a release date, we will keep you updated of any changes or news related to Apple Music and HomePod here at Appleosophy.

Emilio Morales
Author: Emilio Morales

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