Facebook starts rolling out New Interface for its Mobile App

After releasing several updates to Instagram including support for running upto 10 accounts simultaneously and a new way to Draft Posts, Facebook has now started rolling out a brand new interface with several visual changes for its Mobile App.

The new changes include: Redesigned icons on the top or bottom bar, New Search interface, New Tabs, New Profile View, Redesigned Options in Facebook Watch, and a new option to “Manage Posts” in bulk. These new visual changes have been spotted by the Redfruit Media Vice President Pururaj Dutta on the Facebook App for Mobile.

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Let’s discuss in detail about these New UI changes:

1. Redesign icons on the Top/Bottom bar: Facebook is updating the icons on top/bottom bar for them to have more details & color. The ‘Home’ icon has now been replaced with an icon that better represents the ‘News Feed’, and a splash of color has been added to the other icons, similar to the web version.


2. New Search Interface: The Search Interface has been revamped with updates to recently visited profiles. As you search for more people, the profiles are arranged in rows under ‘Recent Visits’. A new ‘Just for you’ section has also been added with relevant search topics.

New Search Interface

3. New Tabs: Three New Tabs have been introduced in the News Feed including ‘Home’, ‘Favorites’ and ‘Recent’.

New Tabs – Home, Favorites, and Recent in the News Feed

4. New Profile View: The Facebook Profile View has been visually updated to include the number of friends and the number of mutual friends along with their profile picture thumbnail under the profile picture of the person.

Profile showing friends and mutual friends

5. Redesigned Options menu on Facebook Watch: The interface on the Options menu for Facebook Watch Videos has been updated with rounded corners for the toggles.

Facebook Watch Options

6. New ‘Manage Posts’ option in Profile: The ‘Manage Posts’ allows users to select multiple posts for one action, such as ‘Delete Posts’, ‘Remove Tags’, and ‘Hide from Timeline’. Although the latter two aren’t working for multiple posts as of now.

Manage Posts Option in Profile

We can expect Facebook to gradually roll out these changes to more accounts and they might also introduce more features & changes to their app interface, giving users a fresh new look & experience.

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Pururaj Dutta
Author: Pururaj Dutta

Vice President of Redfruit Media

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