How to Draft Posts on Instagram after the New Update?


Instagram rolled out support for Drafting Posts on Instagram for all users in 2016, allowing users to prepare a post and keep it ready with tags, filters, location, and caption for posting it later. This feature helped several businesses and creators in having their Instagram Posts fully ready prior to their desired posting time.

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With the recent updates & changes to the button layout & aesthetic look of Instagram, we discovered that Instagram has removed support for Drafting Posts. If you tap on the “+” option on the bottom bar or on the top right of your feed, which can now perform various functions like posting to Feed & Story, Go Live, or making a Reel, you’ll notice that the option for Saving Drafts no longer exists. Previously, to draft posts on Instagram, all a user needed to do on a post is to Go back to Editing and Filtering and then tap the back arrow on the top left which prompted the user to either choose between “Save Draft” or “Discard”. Users would be able to see these posts by tapping on the Add button, and a section called “Drafts” would have the post under it and they could either post it, edit it, or delete it.

However, we have discovered that there’s a workaround to get this option right on the Instagram app, but is only available to limited users as of now. Instagram may roll out this feature to more users soon! To Draft a post on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the profile tab from the bottom bar
  2. Tap on the “+” option on the top right-hand side of your profile page. If you do not see this option yet, this option might not have rolled out to you yet and we can expect Instagram to have a wider rollout soon.
  3. After tapping on “+”, you’ll see several options including “Feed Post”, “Story”, “Story Highlight”, “IGTV Video”, “Reel”, and “Guide”. Tap on “Feed Post” and select or shoot the images or videos to be drafted.
  4. You need to add at least one of these options: Caption, location, or Tag People on your post. You can add all three to your post if you want.
  5. Once your post is ready to be drafted, just tap on the arrow button on the top left side of your app interface, which will take you back to the Image Filtering options. Once again, click the arrow button on the top left, and there will be a popup asking you whether you want to “Save Draft” or “Discard”.

To make edits, post, or to discard the draft, one needs to use the same “+” option on the top right of their profile page and select “Feed Post”. A section called “Drafts” will appear and your saved post can be either edited, posted, or discarded from here. However, this option will not be available on the “+” option on the bottom bar or on the feed and is currently exclusively available to the “+” option on the profile page.

Drafting Posts is an easy and convenient way to have them ready prior to the posting time which is useful for many creators & businesses around the world.

Were you able to Draft your Posts using this method? Let us know down in the comments. Stay updated with the latest Apple news at Appleosophy and follow our Telegram News Channel here. Join the Appleosophy Community on Telegram here.

Pururaj Dutta
Author: Pururaj Dutta

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