First 12-inch MacBook Declared ‘Vintage’ by Apple

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Appleosophy | First 12-inch MacBook Declared 'Vintage' by Apple
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The 12-inch MacBook was introduced in 2015 as a reincarnation of the MacBook (sans moniker) lineup from 2006-2012. Instead of the polycarbonate form factor, it intended to replace the MacBook Air with its ultra-thin tapered design that’s even thinner than the MacBook Air back then.

It pioneered the use of USB-C that we’ve seen across MacBooks and iPads. But this laptop didn’t come without compromises. For one, it was really slow to begin with thanks to the crippled Intel Core M processor that was designed to be energy efficient. Secondly, it brought the tried-and-failed butterfly keyboard that today’s lineup now omits.

Shortly after the introduction of the redesigned MacBook Air in 2018, the MacBook was discontinued next year. Apple announced the its upcoming macOS Monterey will not support the first iteration of the 12-inch MacBook back in 2015. Interesting enough, Apple also declared that model as vintage as of today. Vintage products from Apple are when Apple discontinued that product for more than five years ago and less than seven years ago.

With the 12-inch MacBook came and went, Apple is looking to reverse its direction with its upcoming MacBook Pro, which should bring back traditional ports such as the HDMI port.

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