SharePlay on FaceTime Won’t Be Ready by Initial iOS 15 Public Release

Appleosophy | SharePlay on FaceTime Won't Be Ready by Initial iOS 15 Public Release
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Today, Apple released the sixth betas for iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and tvOS 15. According to the release notes, Apple stated that SharePlay via FaceTime has been disabled for the foreseeable future; therefore, it won’t make it to the public release this Fall. Instead, this feature will come at a later software update. This isn’t the first time that Apple had to delay its features for a later software update. In fact, Universal Control is still nowhere to be found in the beta releases for macOS Monterey. With that in mind, it should be worth waiting for Apple to get this feature right.

SharePlay allows FaceTime friends to share their screens with each other and stream/watch/listen to videos and music in sync together. At this time, Apple is offering an alternative solution for developers who are still testing SharePlay with a SharePlay profile that’s now available to download for developers.

“SharePlay has been disabled for use in iOS and iPadOS 15 developer beta 6 and will be disabled for use in its initial release this fall. SharePlay will be enabled for use again in future developer beta releases and will launch to the public in software updates later this fall. To continue your development, we have provided a SharePlay Development Profile which will enable successful creation and reception of GroupSessions via the Group Activities API.”

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