Prosser: iPhone 13’s Face ID could handle masks and foggy glasses

Credit: Front Page Tech

In an exclusive report from leaker Jon Prosser, Apple has been testing further advancements of the already secure Face ID system by using a special case that’s designed to fit the iPhone 12.

With the case on, the iPhone will then use the case’s Face ID system instead of its built-in authentication system for testing purposes.

While Prosser believes that the prototype Face ID array will match the exact layout depicted in the reported CAD files for the upcoming model, including a narrower notch, he also reported that employees have been testing the upgraded Face ID to handle cases with face masks and foggy glasses.

Nowadays, if you have an Apple Watch and you’re wearing a mask, you can easily unlock your iPhone with the Watch. With the ongoing pandemic, having Face ID to actually detect face masks will be a huge win for even more iPhone users who don’t have an Apple Watch. This is also essentially beneficial when you’re out jogging in the cold and end up with a foggy lens from wearing a mask.

While these advancements sound certainly exciting, Prosser reported that it’s unclear if it will make to this year’s iPhone 13.

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Nick Soong
Author: Nick Soong

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