Twitter is working on new ‘social privacy’ features

Heedo Abu Laban
Appleosophy | Twitter is working on new ‘social privacy’ features
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Following the launch of Super Follows in the U.S & Canada, Twitter is reportedly working on multiple features regarding privacy, according to Bloomberg.

The San Francisco-based company is developing more privacy features to make sure users are safer and feel more comfortable using the social blogging platform, by giving more control to the users regarding their posts and likes, and follower list, which executives call “social privacy”:

“Among features being considered is the ability to edit follower lists and a tool to archive old tweets so that they’re no longer visible to others after a specific amount of time designated by the user. Hiding past tweets could be a popular feature with people who don’t want their posts to exist online forever, offering an easier solution than manually deleting posts or combing through years-old messages to find those you wish you hadn’t sent.”

Appleosophy | Twitter is working on new ‘social privacy’ features
Image Credit: Twitter

“When social privacy needs are not met, people limit their self-expression, They withdraw from the conversation,” said staff Researcher Svetlana Pimkina. “Twitter will start prompting people to review whether their accounts are public or private beginning in September”.

Also in the report, Bloomberg gives a list of the upcoming privacy features coming to the platform:

Archived Tweets

Twitter may let users hide old tweets after a set amount of time. Tweets would be visible to the account holder, but not to anyone else. The company is considering a range of time options, including hiding posts after 30, 60, and 90 days, or hiding tweets after a full year. This product doesn’t have a launch date and is still in the concept phase.

Removing Followers

Users will soon be able to remove followers. This is currently only possible by blocking someone. Twitter plans to test this feature starting this month.

Hiding Tweets You’ve Liked

Users will soon be able to set who —  everyone, just their followers, or select groups – can see which tweets they’ve liked. There is no timeline for testing this feature.

Leaving Conversations

Users will be given the option to remove themselves from a public conversation on Twitter. Today, only the person sending a tweet can choose who to mention. Twitter plans to test this before the end of the year.


Twitter is planning many more features to the platform, including a fresh new design, updates to Twitter Spaces, Twitter Tickets, and the multiple re-launches of Verifications. But privacy features have been left in the shadow, until now.

Some of the mentioned features are already available on other social platforms, but Twitter is trying its best to dig deeper and secure the users’ accounts on the biggest blogging social platform in the world

Heedo Abu Laban
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