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Apple is re-releasing app updates to likely fix family sharing bug

Users who have recently updated to iOS 13.5 have noticed a bug where they are prevented from launching applications.

The bug prevented users from opening applications with a “This app is no longer shared with you. To use it, you must. buy it from the App Store.” pop-up. The only options available in this pop-up are ‘View in App Store’ and ‘Cancel’. to which users found a work around to this issue – re-downloading the app from the App Store. A Twitter user has reported that even free Apps like YouTube are facing this issue, which is not a Family Shared App.

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Apple may be aware of this issue as they are re-releasing app updates for iOS and iPadOS. The issue is not caused by the app, rather it is caused on Apple’s end. The issue was likely a cryptographic issue, where the device would show a dialog telling users the apps access was provoked from them.

If you are facing these issue, we recommend updating your apps, if updates are available or re-installing the affected apps.

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