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Apple Brings Back some Sorely Missed Ports on MacBook Pro

When you play a game of roulette at Lucky Creek online casino, you put your chips on a number, hoping for the best, but you never know which one of the 30+ numbers on the wheel will be a winner. Apple events may feel a bit like a game of roulette, except in their case, it’s the features: you never know which one will appear, and which one will disappear. 

Apple has frequently played “port roulette” with its users. The usual scenario was familiar ports disappearing from the new line of products. It has happened with the audio jack on the iPhone, the HDMI port, and the SD card reader on the MacBook. This time, in turn, the wheel has turned, bringing some user favorite ports back.

The new MacBook Pro line

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The first thing to catch your eyes on Apple’s new MacBook Pro line is certainly the notch. They feature both beloved and criticized when it first appeared on the iPhone X has now become an industry standard on smartphones – and it’s seemingly carving out its place on laptops, too.The addition of a notch has made it possible for Apple to reduce the size of the MacBooks’ top bezel by 60%, expanding on the usable screen real estate. And if you enable Dark Mode on your Pro, it’s barely noticeable – the menu bar wraps right around it.

The other new features crammed into the new MacBook Pro line are what we expected: the laptops are powered by Apple’s home-grown M1 Pro and M1 Max SoCs, have amazing screens, and pretty much everything a user may desire. Except for Face ID, of course – this one feature seems to evade MacBook Pro users for now. 

Welcome back, old friends

The new MacBook line seems to indicate that Apple started truly listening to its users when it comes to some features, especially connectivity. The new MacBook Pros have three Thunderbolt 4 ports, taking care of high-speed connectivity in every direction. But they also come with an HDMI port that makes it easier and much more convenient to connect to non-Apple displays.

MacBook Pro
Image: Apple

The HDMI port is not the only thing returning to the new MacBook Pro. The new line of laptops also comes with a built-in SDXC card reader offering easy and convenient access to media. Besides, the MagSafe is also coming back – MagSafe 3 improves on the design, pouring more power into the laptops. 

Furthermore, the touch bar from above the laptops’ keyboard is gone. Instead, physical function keys have returned, and the Escape key has grown as well. The keyboard is top-notch (no pun intended), with the familiar feel of mechanical keyboards so many of us have missed. 

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