Facebook changes its name to ‘Meta’ to initiate its so called meta-verse

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Appleosophy | Facebook changes its name to 'Meta' to initiate its so called meta-verse
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Following last week’s report regarding Facebook planning to change its corporate name, the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has officially announced Facebook’s new name: “Meta”.

During the company’s Connect Conference 2021 keynote, CEO Zuckerberg has revealed the widely-expected name change for the corporation that owns the platforms of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other brands such as Oculus.

Alongside the corporation changing its brand name to Meta, the Silicon Valley giant is striving more for its “meta-verse” alongside investments in the mixed-reality platform for work, experience, entertainment, exercise, play, and more.

Last week’s report noted that even the high-ranking officials from Facebook are not aware of the new brand but are expecting that the name could involve the word “Horizon” but at last, it didn’t. Meta is the name that involves the company’s goal of the meta-verse.

Following sparks of controversies regarding security scandals, shutdowns, and privacy issues, Facebook’s CEO Zuckerberg wants to change people’s attitudes over Facebook and clean the company’s image for a brighter future. This bright future is what Facebook is working on with its mixed-reality technology.

It looks like Facebook has reached a forked path, and with the new rebranding, the company will either move to the good road or the bad road. Meta will either be one of the two.

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