Some MacBook Pro 2021 Users are Facing Issues with their SDXC Card Slot

The return of the SD card slot on the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros might be the most anticipated feature for many professional users like Photographers and Videographers who previously used the hassle of a dongle to connect their camera’s SD cards to MacBooks.

But from a recent report from MacRumors, for some users, the SDXC card slot in their MacBook Pro is not functioning as expected. Multiple issues were faced by the users like delay in opening photos and videos, the unexpected crashing of Finder, and very slow transfer speeds.

A reader from MacRumors Forum said:

“It’s very frustrating. I was hoping that import from SD card including a preview of images would be quick on my new 14″ MBP. I have a fairly new 64GB SD card which had been working fine. But Photos on the MBP using the internal SD card slot takes minutes to show photos and sometimes crashes halfway through. Sometimes the Finder crashes too.”

No consistency was found in the brand of SD card, the format of the card, or the version of the macOS they were using. Apple is said to be aware of the issue and is working on a fix through a software update. Although, it is not clear whether the issue is hardware-based or software. Some users have gotten their MacBooks replaced after reporting the issue to Apple.

Although the SD cards are working properly using an SD card dongle, as reported by the users facing this issue, but it is not as convenient as having a physical SD card slot. Apple is yet to issue an official statement regarding this issue.

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