Playing Online Bingo: iPhone vs. Mac Gaming Debate

Apple is well-known for making top-class computer and mobile phone products, with the premium prices granting access to a specialized ecosystem of programs and apps. It’s fair to say that iPhone kicked off the mobile gaming industry via the App Store catering to low-cost games and then freemium titles. Macs, on the other hand, aren’t as well regarded in gaming circles, despite being a top-of-the-line product.

Here, however, we’re looking at how they both fare in the increasingly popular space of online bingo gaming on casino sites like 755m. With the platform being browser-based and not overly demanding, iPhones and Macs look to be coming in on equal standing, but which is better for playing bingo?

The Case for Playing on an iPhone

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The sheer popularity of mobile gaming hasn’t gone unnoticed among browser-based gaming platforms. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that all of the bingo games on Paddy’s website are fully mobile-optimized. They fit the screen, have all of the controls accessible via touch input, and run quickly on any modern iPhone. Essentially, you get the same experience but on a smaller screen.

Apple recognized its iPhone’s allure as a gaming platform a few years back, with the stack of Arcade’s games being a testament to the company’s commitment to run high-end games on mobile. The power of the iPhone exceeds almost all other mobile devices, which helps to make it the best way to play online bingo on the go via Safari. Plus, you can’t understate the importance of pick-up-and-play gaming to modern players.

The Case for Playing on A Mac

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Although they are the computers of choice for many high-end businesses and independent workers, few would deny that Macs are not primed for gaming. While it has been reported that gaming is atop Apple’s agenda going forward, the current selection of Macs on the market isn’t up to scratch for what you’d traditionally think of as PC gaming.

However, being a browser-based platform, Mac users won’t find any limitations in their play, be it in a Cash Cubes bingo room or on popular slots like Beez Knees or Dynamite Digger. Through Safari, you can play all of the bingo games to their highest quality and on a significantly larger screen than an iPhone. Furthermore, many prefer the keyboard-mouse functionality, especially when it comes to interacting with others during games.

iPhone vs. Mac for Bingo Gaming

With both lines of Apple products boasting considerable power, and more than enough to offer their best possible online bingo experience, the winner comes down to playing preference. Some Macs are portable, but it takes a few more steps to get them running games of online bingo. With iPhones, on the other hand, just a few taps and you’re in, with effortless touch play running the experience.

Overall, iPhones just look to beat Macs for online bingo gaming for their sheer convenience and ability to play on the go seamlessly. For a longer session, Macs would get the nod as the screen is better, and you can open several tabs within view. Still, most bingo gamers will just want to fit in a quick session of dabbing numbers or spinning slots.

So, for most online bingo players, iPhones come out on top.

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