Notchmeister Makes The MacBook Pro’s Notch More Festive

If you got a new MacBook Pro earlier this holiday season, you might find the notch a bit distracting. Since Christmas is right around the corner, what better way to celebrate the holidays than to put up decorations. There’s even an app for that, enter Notchmeister.

As a free app found in the Mac App Store, Notchmeister lets you decorate the MacBook Pro’s notch with some fun effects. Because it’s Christmas time, there is even an option for festive holiday lights. When you move your cursor across the notch, the lights even move along with the cursor. Other special effects include ‘Glow’, ‘Cylon’, ‘Plasma Leak’, and ‘Nano Radar’. Although it technically works with other Macs, you will see a faux notch when you use the app as shown above. Thus, you can still have fun playing around with those intriguing effects even if you don’t own the latest MacBook Pro.

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Notchmeister is a free app to download at the Mac App Store (link). Will you be downloading this app to celebrate the holidays? We hope you have a happy holiday.

Nick Soong
Author: Nick Soong

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