Apple Faces Difficulties In Redesigning iPad Pro

We’ve been expecting to see revamped iPad Pros later this year. Sources have pointed out that Apple’s been prototyping designs featuring glass backs and wireless charging. In spite of this, recent sources have reported that Apple may have scrapped the glass design. iPhones have had glass backs for years to enable wireless/MagSafe charging. However, putting a glass back on an iPad this large would make it too fragile to hold. If Apple were to retain the aluminum back, the company would face another problem because transmitting power wouldn’t pass through metal efficiently.

Sources have also pointed out that the company has developed prototypes with a larger Apple logo that’s made of glass. This would make transmitting power much easier though the glass logo. Additionally, these prototypes feature stronger magnets for more secure connections as well as faster charging speeds.

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Other features we can expect for the iPad Pro are a larger battery to accommodate the battery drain from the Magic Keyboard, a more advanced camera module similar to that from the iPhone 13, and an upgraded M2 chip. Bloomberg reported that Apple has been prototyping even larger iPad models. The company is also considering adopting a notch and reduced bezels on the iPad. But I don’t really see that coming as the bezels are already there to hold the iPad nicely.

Reviewers have praised the current iPad Pro models for their much advanced hardware features. However, they have criticized the limitations that iPadOS has to offer. This upcoming iPad Pro might be worth upgrading from a 2018/2020 model.

Nick Soong
Author: Nick Soong

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