Gurman: Apple to unveil its ‘widest array’ of products this fall

Gurman: Apple to unveil its 'widest array' of products this fall
Courtesy: Apple

We can now expect Apple to make this fall a holiday period for all consumers and fans, as the company will launch many products mainly between September and November. As a new Bloomberg report cites the company is readying to unveil its “widest array” of products.

According to Mark Gurman’s latest edition of his Power On newsletter, the reporter notes that he has been told that Apple is pushing many products to announce for this fall – September to November –. The products are ranging from AirPods Pro 2 to a whole new Mac Pro:

  • Four new iPhones
  • A low-end MacBook Pro
  • An updated iMac
  • The new Mac Pro
  • A revamped MacBook Air
  • An AirPods Pro upgrade
  • Three Apple Watches
  • A low-end iPad
  • New iPad Pros

Gurman states that Apple “is readying the widest array of new hardware products in its history this fall”, meaning that we can expect tons of Apple products later this year:

“To that end, I’m told that Apple is readying the widest array of new hardware products in its history this fall. That makes sense: My back-of-the-envelope list includes four new iPhones, a low-end MacBook Pro, an updated iMac, the new Mac Pro, a revamped MacBook Air, an AirPods Pro upgrade, three Apple Watches, a low-end iPad and iPad Pros.” 

Gurman previously reported that the Cupertino-based giant will launch five new Mac machines this year, with the Apple Silicon transition from Intel chips completed by WWDC, though now we might expect most of the major announcements to occur during the fall with the iPhone 14 event in September.

Finally, Gurman is doubtful that Apple will hold its first 2022 event in the spring – March or April –. The company is expected to unveil the third-gen iPhone SE and potentially the new iPad Air 5 in this expected event. If his report is true, we can assume that the two products are to be unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference this June (WWDC 2022).

“Given the more significant changes in the pipeline for this year, I’d expect the new iPad to come later than the spring, I’d imagine Apple wants to bring the M1 Pro chip to another Mac in the first half of this year. That could mean a higher-end Mac mini or iMac,”

What do you think? Will Apple push its upcoming products to this fall? Tell us down in the comments and follow us on Twitter for the latest Apple news and leaks.

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