Wendy’s adds new terminals for upcoming Apple Pay acceptance

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We have reported that Wendy’s is set to be accepting Apple Pay this year. The company currently has stickers and advertisements in its restaurants that it does plan on accepting Apple’s contactless payment method.

A new tweet by @GabrielIN2790 on Twitter shows that locations have started getting new card readers at the checkout terminals that show the Near Field Communication (NFC) symbol, which would indicate Apple Pay acceptance there.

According to the tweet, it looks as though Wendy’s will be using Ingenico Lane/3000 card readers to begin accepting Apple Pay.

The user also reported that right now the fast-food restaurants’ card readers are still currently only allowing for credit/debit cards to be inserted or swiped and that the contactless feature of the readers has yet to be activated by the company.

While there is no exact date for when Wendy’s will begin accepting Apple Pay officially, we also reported last month that the company could start beginning to accept it as soon as next month.

Additionally, when Apple Card users pay from their iPhone or Apple Watch, they’ll get 2% in Daily Cash on each order they place at Wendy’s once Apple Pay is accepted there.

What are your thoughts on Wendy’s getting Apple Pay support soon? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

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