Apple releases statement regarding Amsterdam store hostage incident

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Yesterday, a hostage situation took place at the Apple Store in Amsterdam, which led to no injuries to those in the building and the criminal getting arrested for their actions.

Since then, Apple has put out an official statement regarding the incident that took place there that was acquired by TechCrunch.

“We want to thank local law enforcement for their exceptional work and ongoing investigation,” said the statement, provided by an Apple spokesperson. “Our teams and customers took swift action and showed incredible strength and resolve today, and we are so thankful for the support and care they’ve shown each other under such challenging circumstances.”

The criminal was a 27-year-old male who had come into its flagship store wearing camouflage gear and shot a handgun four times, and then held a hostage in that store for several hours on Tuesday. There were a number of other customers in the store at the time, but they had managed to find a way to escape unscathed.

Police say that the criminal was looking to get 200 million euros worth of cryptocurrency and to have a secure escape from the store.

Het Parool, a news organization in Amsterdam, was able to get a photo with the criminal and the hostage nearby in the Apple Store.

It is still unknown what specifically led to this incident, but is currently being investigated by local authorities.

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