Apple launches new training and support program for IT industry

Today, Apple launched a new professional training program to help fill the need for the incoming IT workforce.

With the American workforce being what it is right now, not just in terms of “The Great Resignation,” but also the hot job market right now, Apple is lending a hand to future employees and businesses adapt to the current market.

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The IT workforce is expected to grow even more within the next 10 years and Apple has stated employees are wanting to use the iPhone, iPad and Mac at work too.

Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of Enterprise and Education Marketing, said a program like this is just another way how Apple is trying to revolutionize the workforce.

“More people than ever are using Mac, iPad, and iPhone to do their best work, and the demand for Apple-certified IT professionals has never been greater,” she said “Apple Professional Training helps anyone with an interest in technology — whether they are changing careers or upping their skill set — pursue high-paying IT jobs with certifications that will stand out to potential employers. We believe deeply in inclusion in technology, so the new courses are self-paced and freely available, and we are working to ensure ability to pay isn’t a barrier to earning Apple certification.”

Two of the Apple Professional Courses are available right now and each exam in the courses costs $149, and “and certification can be displayed on resumes, online profiles, and job boards, enabling users to stand out in job searches — and employers to find qualified candidates.”

The courses can be found at

To learn more about Apple’s new courses for IT workforce, feel free to visit Apple Newsroom’s article on the matter.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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