Maryland gets Wallet app support for driver’s licenses

Folks out in Maryland now have the opportunity to add their driver’s license/state IDadd their driver’s license/state ID to their Wallet app to access on their iPhone or Apple Watch.

Being able to add these types of cards and IDs was announced by Apple last year and was started with Arizona back in March 2022. States such as Georgia, Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Utah, Oklahoma, Colorado, Hawaii, Mississippi, Ohio and the territory of Puerto Rico are also said to be getting support for this feature, but an exact date for each territory has not been stated by Apple or the states and territory.

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This feature can be used on an iPhone 8 or newer and the Apple Watch Series 4 and newer. The user must be running iOS 15.4 or newer on their iPhone and watchOS 8.4 or later on their Apple Watch.

To add the license or state ID to the Wallet app, the user must open the Wallet app, tap the “+” icon in the top-right corner and then follow the guidelines and steps on the screen in order to get it added to the Wallet app.

Once it is added to the Wallet app, users can use this feature when accessing TSA checkpoints and not have to pull the physical card out, but simply tap it when prompted at the checkpoint. When the user is prompted, their device like the iPhone will verify them with Face ID or Touch ID.

For the sake of privacy, when using the feature, users will not need to show their iPhone to a TSA agent, as once the person has been prompted, tapped and verified with Face ID or Touch ID, the necessary information will be shown to the TSA agent on their screen.

What are your thoughts on residents of Maryland being able to use this feature with their driver’s license or state ID in the Wallet app? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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