Android vs. iOS: 3 Differences in the Casino Gaming Experience

Appleosophy | Android vs. iOS: 3 Differences in the Casino Gaming Experience
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There are a deluge of differences between iOS and Android across a whole range of features and functions, even if these two rival platforms are ostensibly designed to do the same thing.

Understanding where they diverge in terms of the casino gaming experience is important, especially if you’re an eager online gambler and you are looking to upgrade from your current device. 

So should you stick with your existing handset or change for one that runs a rival operating system in pursuit of greener pastures?

Browser-based support is guaranteed, up to a certain extent

Perhaps the best way to enjoy online casinos is in your smartphone’s web browser, because thanks to the fact that all modern sites have HTML5-based games, compatibility is rarely an issue.

The problem comes when you consider how far back support is provided by Google and Apple for their respective OS versions. There’s often a limit to the version that a given handset can run, and if your device is getting long in the tooth, then browser-based play isn’t ideal, because of the potential for security to be a limiting factor.

For Android, the most recent version to have official support is 10, otherwise known as Queen Cake, which came out in 2019. If you’re on 9 or earlier, it’s not good news.

For iOS, things are a little different, because official support extends back to the iPhone 6S, from all the way back in 2015.

It could be argued that iOS takes the lead here, but with a sufficiently powerful Android handset of the same era, support should still be valid.

App availability & performance are imperfect

By using unbiased online casino reviews and ratings, you can pick the best site to place bets on as a customer on either iOS or Android, and this is also a good way to find out whether a standalone app is available for your gambling operator of choice.

From an availability standpoint, iOS and Android are on fairly level pegging, although the fact of the matter is that apps are usually developed with Apple’s platform in mind first and foremost, before being adapted to work on Android. This is not universally the case, of course, and some development processes are handled in parallel. But it’s worth noting all the same.

Performance is also a bone of contention, at least from an Android user’s perspective. Because there is a lot more hardware fragmentation in this segment, it’s trickier for developers to program for every single potential configuration of hardware and software, which can leave some without access to apps.

Meanwhile on iOS, because Apple controls its ecosystem with an iron grip, you can get an instant idea of whether a casino app will work, and how it will perform, without needing to cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Hardware variations and price differences are worth discussing

Finally, we need to touch on the sore topic of the cost of ownership that comes with iOS and Android as distinct mobile platforms.

There’s no getting around the fact that Apple still charges more for its devices than its rivals, and while flagship Android phones can easily give the top-tier iPhones a run for their money in this regard, there’s much less competition at the mid to entry-level segments of the market, even with new models on the way.

If you want to enjoy casino games on a phone with a big screen and plenty of power without breaking the bank, Android is the way to go. If you want consistency and compatibility and you don’t mind paying for it, iOS is the winner.

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