Cinemax Go to shut down later this month, include Cinemax on Apple TV Channels

It was reported today by The Streamable that the streaming service Cinemax Go will be shutting down by the end of this month.

The date for the shutdown is scheduled for Sunday, July 31. Once that shut down has been completed, subscribers of the streaming service will have to go to the Cinemax linear channels or go to their on-demand through their website and sign in with their TV provider. 

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Additionally, the only way to get Cinemax would be through a live TV streaming service that has it or via traditional cable or satellite.

Cinemax does not currently have apps in the App Store for its service, but this change will impact those who have subscribed to Cinemax through Apple TV Channels. The channel currently costs $9.99 a month through the Apple TV app, but after the said shutdown on July 31, the channel will no longer exist in that app.

The reason for this is due to a restructuring with Warner Bros. Discovery and it wanting to make all of its content available on one streaming service, with that being HBO Max.

HBO Max currently already has Cinemax originals such as “Banshee,” “Hunted,” “Quarry,” and a few others on its streaming service. Many of the movies on it are on HBO Max as well. 

There are also plans to add all content from Discovery+ to HBO Max since Warner Brothers and Discovery are now merged as “Warner Bros. Discovery.”

What are your thoughts on the shutdown of Cinemax Go and the Cinemax channel on Apple TV Channels at the end of the month? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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