Mac v iPad: Which is Best for Online Gaming

Appleosophy|Mac v iPad: Which is Best for Online Gaming
Appleosophy|Mac v iPad: Which is Best for Online Gaming
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PC gaming – especially on Apple products – has become more popular than ever, with online gaming looking at an expected value of $79 billion by 2025, according to WePC. Many factors have contributed to this growth, including the sales of digital games and online play offered even on games that have a single-player campaign, such as Metal Gear Solid V and GTA V. Another key part of the online gaming sphere is casino gaming. Casino game developers offer options such as slots, bingo, Slingo, and even live games like poker and roulette. The range of online games from Coral includes Quantum Roulette and Sports TV Blackjack, which have a live dealer and require more processing power than traditional games. This need for processing power, in turn, is inspiring more people to use their Apple devices. Between using a Mac or an iPad, though, which one is better for online casino games? Let’s take a look.



While Macs, in general, are very lightweight, especially the new generation of the MacBook Air weighing 2.7 pounds, they’re still larger than your average phone or tablet. Because of this size, most people prefer to use it on a surface such as a desk or a table. Macs simply aren’t as portable or easy on the hand as an iPad. This can make it a hassle for those who just want to be able to pay down and play. Also, most casino platforms are PC based, which will require an extra plug-in for Macs.


Macs not only have a longer battery life than iPads (and even most other laptops), heading up into the 18-hour range, but these powerful laptops also boast excellent computational and processing power. This means that it’s easier to play some of those heavier casino games that have a lot of visual effects, and live games that need players to have reliable laptops. A Mac can handle these games without a problem, while an iPad may have some trouble keeping up.



The iPadOS is well known for having some limitations, which keep it from using all of its computational power. For example, working with multiple windows is still difficult, which means users are limited to using one app at a time rather than switching between windows quickly. It seems that some improvements are on the way with iPadOS 16, which for now, we’ll have to wait and see. So far, we don’t know much about how this update will affect battery life, so as it stands, heavier games will take a toll on the battery worse than with a Mac. Also, when it comes to playing games, it’s significantly more difficult to do so without a mouse.


iPads are portable and more lightweight than their Mac counterpart, so it’s easier to take one with you while traveling or when you’re simply lying around the house. You can even play a few rounds of poker on the commute to work (as long as you’re not the one driving, that is). If you don’t have a Mac or other laptop, the iPad Air (5th generation) refreshed for 2022, should be enough with its new 8GB RAM – a nice upgrade from the previous 4 GB that users weren’t happy with. Also, you have the option of pairing your iPad with a Magic Keyboard if you like to play on a desk surface. They’re incredibly versatile for being a tablet device. Aside from their portability, many games and apps are now optimised for iPad use, which adds to its versatility.

All in all, it seems that the Mac wins this battle. This doesn’t mean that you can’t play casino games on your iPad, but a Mac will get you better performance overall – something that’s absolutely necessary when playing live casino games online.

Appleosophy|Mac v iPad: Which is Best for Online Gaming
Author: Holden Satterwhite

Founder of Appleosophy and Redfruit Media. Twitter: @hesatter

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Appleosophy|Mac v iPad: Which is Best for Online Gaming
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