iPhone 14 to Start at $799

We might get some final details on the pricing for some of the upcoming iPhone 14 models. According to a post on the Korean blog Naver, the iPhone 14 will start at the same price of $799.

It sounds like a $100 price increase, but do remember that currently, Apple also sells the iPhone 13 mini at $699 and the standard iPhone 13 at $799. This year, there won’t be a smaller version of the iPhone 14. In place of that, there will be a 6.7-inch model that will be less expensive than the Pro counterpart, but with all the same features as the standard iPhone 14 will have. In spite of this, the iPhone 14 will retain the same A15 chip as the iPhone 13 has.

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We haven’t seen a price decrease on any of Apple’s products in years as we’ve seen price hikes across several newer models such as the M2 MacBook Air and the redesigned iPads. However, there might be a reason for the price freeze on the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 this year. The iPhone has become Apple’s most profitable product as the iPhone has many features that customers are willing to pay for such as a larger, advanced display. So keeping the iPhone 14 (6.1-inch) at the same $799 will help Apple generate more revenue.

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Nick Soong
Author: Nick Soong

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