Dark Sky weather app no longer in App Store

The popular weather app Dark Sky seems to no longer be available for purchase and download from the App Store.

Back in March 2020, Apple acquired the Dark Sky app and eventually integrated a lot of its features into its own default Weather app when iOS 15 was released last fall.

It’s a surprising move since Dark Sky had told its customers that the app would no longer be available starting on January 1, 2023. There are also plans for the app’s API to be discontinued starting on March 31, 2023, which will impact apps in the App Store and websites that used Dark Sky as a data source. This can be seen in apps like CARROT Weather.

What this does show right now is Apple wants its customers to use the default Weather app.

Additionally, it also means that those who have maybe upgraded to a new iPhone do not have the option to download Dark Sky from the App Store as an alternative to the Weather app.

What are your thoughts on the apparent end of the Dark Sky weather app? Comment below or let us know on Twitter at @appleosophy.

David Becker
Author: David Becker

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