Apple Pay, PayPal or Neteller: Which e-Wallet is best?

Appleosophy|Apple Pay, PayPal or Neteller: Which e-Wallet is best?
Appleosophy|Apple Pay, PayPal or Neteller: Which e-Wallet is best?
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E-wallets have made it super easy to make secure payments across the globe, and there are now many more e-Wallet options to choose from across all your devices. There are plenty of top tech companies today offering e-Wallets which use secure online payment technology – including Apple Pay, PayPal and Neteller. Online tech has improved and changed rapidly over the last few years, and there’s never been a better time to make secure online payments using cutting-edge e-Wallet technology. 

So we’re here to help you answer the question – which of these sites offers the most for you? Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything you need to know. If you’re having trouble picking a favorite, then don’t worry – we’ve done all the research, so you don’t have to!



For many years now, people all over the world have trusted PayPal for their online transactions. It’s hard to imagine a world without PayPal, as this top-rated e-Wallet has made a serious name for itself across the globe. PayPal has incredible and streamlined features which allow its users to store various bank accounts and payment cards all in one place. It’s super helpful if you want to deposit money quickly, as PayPal payments are almost instantaneously delivered to their intended recipient.

PayPal is therefore fast becoming the favorite e-Wallet for those who like to play online casino games, as its secure encryption and ultra quick deposit speeds help to keep the dice rolling. If this sounds like you, Time2play has put together this epic list of the best PayPal online casinos – many of the top sites accept and encourage the use of PayPal to keep deposits and withdrawals safe, speedy and secure for their players. 

PayPal’s security features really are astonishing, and few can compete with PayPal’s offering when it comes to customer protection and secure SSL-encryption technology. It’s incredible that PayPal offers this stellar service with few to no fees attached for its users.


Apple Pay

Apple Pay has become a firm favorite for many e-Wallet spenders as it boasts a simple, intuitive design, and gives its users the ability to make effortless payments on a variety of Apple devices. Apple Pay also has incredible versatility, as its dynamic features allow for the Wallet to hold a wide variety of documents, including travel tickets, hotel keys, boarding passes and student ID cards. The Wallet app can safely store all these important documents in one place, making them easily and quickly accessible whilst on the go. It’s a pretty handy feature, and certainly sets Apple Pay apart from the many other e-Wallets around today.

Apple Pay also stands out due to its solid reputation – many businesses worldwide accept payments made using Apple Pay, and this certainly makes life easier for its users. Apple Pay is widely renowned and respected, so you can hope to expect better financial security when making payments with this e-Wallet. 

And have you ever accidentally left the house without your wallet, but with your phone safely in your pocket? That’s no problem – Apple Pay allows you to store your payment cards in the Wallet app and buy those all important groceries using your mobile device, without tapping a physical card (although occasionally you may be prompted to enter your card, so this isn’t completely foolproof). Apple Pay’s reliability can be a total lifesaver, making it a top contender for the best e-Wallet around.

Appleosophy|Apple Pay, PayPal or Neteller: Which e-Wallet is best?


Neteller is used by millions of customers worldwide and is a reputable e-Wallet with various particularly useful features. Neteller functions very similarly to Apple Pay and PayPal – with a secure, speedy app which enables safe transfers of large amounts of cash and even cryptocurrency.

However, Neteller still appears to receive mixed reviews and is simply not yet as widely world-renowned and respected as its counterparts – it may be a long while before this particular e-Wallet reaches the heights of the likes of PayPal and Apple. Neteller has not expanded to as many locations and does not currently operate in the USA, so depending on where you live, you may not be able to use this particular wallet. It’s still worth checking it out though, as Neteller’s e-Wallet is still improving.



On the whole, Apple Pay is arguably the best e-Wallet for its sheer versatility, functionality and user-friendly interface. PayPal is also a total global titan when it comes to online security and fast payment technology. Neteller is worth a go if you’re after another option, as it offers many of the same features – although it currently lacks the global reputation of its competitors.

So there we go – hopefully you enjoyed this quick run through some of the most popular e-Wallets around, and can feel more confident about choosing one that offers the most for you! Stay safe out there, and happy spending.

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Appleosophy|Apple Pay, PayPal or Neteller: Which e-Wallet is best?
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