YouTube’s Apple TV App is “Out of Order”

With the existence of Apple TV, customers can enjoy Apple’s ecosystem on the big screen by streaming movies and TV shows from several streaming apps, including YouTube. However, things are not going so pleasant for those who use the YouTube app on Apple TV.

Recent reports from Twitter and Reddit users have complained that the YouTube app has caused significant issues. These issues would cause the Apple TV to become unresponsive, and they’d have to manually force quit the app or even unplug/replug their set-top box. This is a friendly reminder to those who need to know how to force quit an app: similar to iOS, just double-press the TV button, navigate to the desired app, and swipe up on the touch surface.

As of now, there aren’t even real workarounds that guarantee a fix, but hopefully, with some patches and software updates, everything could be resolved.

Nick Soong
Author: Nick Soong

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