Top iOS Video Gaming Apps

Appleosophy|Top iOS Video Gaming Apps
Appleosophy|Top iOS Video Gaming Apps

It is no secret that gaming has become one of the most popular hobbies of people all around the globe. In 2020, credible research stated that there are almost 3 billion gamers in the world! Given how the coronavirus situation forced everyone to remain in their homes and how technology has become more accessible to people across the globe, you can expect that the number has grown even bigger since then! 

And this popularity of gaming is there for good reason. Humans need to be productive as often as possible but what they also need is recreation. And playing video games is a commonplace form of this phenomenon called recreation. If you too are looking to step into the world of gaming, you would b glad to know that you do not need to buy a gaming personal computer for thousands of dollars; you can simply play games on your cellular device. 

However, one thing you will need not only to install the game but also to play it with your friends is the internet. And not just any internet but a quality one. After all, having your connection lag while you are in the middle of the game would not only lead to less enjoyment for you but also the dissatisfaction of your gaming buddies. 

In case your current internet service is not up to par, we recommend changing your internet service provider (ISP) in the scenario that you do want to check out video gaming on your phone. One of the best options you have as far as the supply of dependable internet is concerned is to subscribe to Xfinity. Xfinity delivers fast speeds as well as praiseworthy customer care through its renowned Xfinity customer service department.

Below are the top iOS video gaming apps. Note that we have not literally picked out the best of the best (after all, the ranking of any apps, let alone video gaming apps, are all subjective!) However, what we will be doing is giving you exposure to the different types of iOS gaming apps so you get a taste of what it feels like to be a mobile gamer in the year 2023.  

Without any further ado, let us jump to the first app:

8 Ball Pool

As the name of the game itself suggests, this is a modified version of the game pool with one major difference. Instead of your partners and opponents being within physical proximity to you, they will be thousands of miles away from you. The reason we included this game in our listicle is that it is incredibly well-made giving you the feeling that you are actually playing on a real pool table with your best buddies. 

That is perhaps the reason it is incredibly popular among not only iOS users but also Android users. It has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times and has brought its parent company Miniclip a lot of recognition.

Call of Duty: Mobile

As the name of the app suggests, this app is the mobile version of the famous gaming console video gaming series Call of Duty. The game is basically a shooter game that allows you to play in first-person. Thus, it sort of gives you the feeling that you are yourself on the battlefield giving you a more intense feeling than usual. 

Just like its gaming console versions, Call of Duty: Mobile is also super popular. Guess people like what they like, no matter the device they are playing on!

Among Us

There are very few games that have been received with the same amount of enthusiasm as Among Us since it was released in the month of June 2018. This is because of the interactive nature of Among Us and the mystery that it creates around the player who is lying about his identity. 

Wrapping Up

We would be lying if we said that no other mobile game is as good as the ones mentioned above. The aforementioned are ones that are popular amongst the majority of people. However, if none of them sounded that appealing to you, we are sure there are many other games out there that you may end up liking.

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Appleosophy|Top iOS Video Gaming Apps
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