10 Apple Apps to Study Smarter: Everything You Need for Homework

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Appleosophy | 10 Apple Apps to Study Smarter: Everything You Need for Homework
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Are you looking for ways to make your studies more efficient? Apple users can enjoy a myriad of tools to streamline their homework. From flashcards and mind maps to writing help and even math solutions, there’s an app out there for everything you can possibly need. 

Using study apps is a way to study smarter, not harder. Some apps will save you time. Others will help you write like professional paper writers or, if necessary, reach out to one for custom homework help. Check out the list of apps below to improve your study habits and academic performance. 


Quizlet is the best app for memorization. Create your own flashcards or use some of the ready-made sets to learn practically anything. 

Unlike physical flashcards, the app will be with you anywhere you go. You can use a couple of free minutes you have while commuting or waiting for a friend and turn them into a study session. 

Quizlet promotes frequent repetition and active recall. Research shows these are the most effective learning techniques. So it’s a go-to app for effective studying and exam prep. 


The next app on our list is all about time management and organization. Todoist is a multi-platform tool that will help you organize your coursework or even your entire life. 

You can add tasks, color code, share your projects, set reminders, create filters, and much more. The app leverages natural language processing. As a result, you can add tasks in seconds. 

Todoist allows you to understand how much time you actually have and organize your workflow accordingly. This way, you can distribute time among your priorities and order essay online from a writing service to deal with less exciting assignments. Tools like this one are crucial for mental clarity.


Math homework is a pain for a lot of students. It’s indeed one of the most challenging subjects that require a lot of practice as well as problem-solving and analytical skills. 

If you often find yourself struggling with math, Photomath is an excellent helper. You can use it to get homework solutions. The best part is that they also include step-by-step explanations. With Photomath, you’ll build confidence in your skills and boost your grades in no time.


This winter, Apple launched a new app called Freeform. It’s rapidly joined a must-have student toolkit, offering a multi-functional space for notes, visualization, and collaboration. 

What do we like about Freeform? Users can brainstorm and visualize ideas without worrying about formats and layouts. You can add anything to your canvas: sketches, files, notes, etc. Nothing limits you. 

Freeform is also meant to facilitate collaboration. You can share your board with up to 100 participants and use built-in FaceTime to discuss ideas. This makes the tool excellent for your group projects. 


Research is often one of the most daunting parts of the writing process. You have to check a variety of sources, take notes, and bookmark possible evidence to use in your paper. 

The task becomes much easier with Zotero. Treat it as your research assistant. It’ll help you collect and organize all your sources. With this app, you can also create citations according to any style guide out there. 


Motivation is one of the key components of effective learning. And Habitica will help you get plenty of it. 

The app is a gamified task manager. You can use it to improve your productivity, form habits, and simply keep track of your tasks. It offers you a reward system with gold, experience, and in-game items. Every time to complete a task in real life, you can collect those in the game along with some dopamine. 


Grammarly offers a keyboard and editor for your Apple devices. It’s the #1 tool to improve your writing and communicate with confidence. 

The tool will help you catch typos and improve your grammar. The premium version also helps with word choice, tone, and citations. 

Of course, no automatic writing tool, even a good one, can replace real human assistance. If you need to find an expert for your essay, check the best assignment services. Trusted paper help will boost your writing like nothing else. 


GoodNotes is an excellent app for note-taking. In 2022, it was recognized as Apple iPad App of the Year.

GoodNotes has a lot of useful features that make it stand out. You have complete freedom of handwriting. Write, draw, add equations, and create mind maps. At the same time, GoodNotes has handwriting recognition, so you can easily search your notes. Structured organization and across-device syncing are some extra benefits. 


Mind mapping is useful for brainstorming and memorization. It’s creative and has research-proven benefits, as the 2017 study reveals. While you can do it on paper, your mind maps will be much more sophisticated and neat in XMind. 

It’s a feature-packed app for all your needs. XMind has a variety of customization and design options. You can also use illustrations and stickers for better visualization. 


If you don’t want to have too many apps on your iPhone or iPad and are looking for an all-in-one solution, Notion is for you. The app blends well with your entire workflow. 

Notion creates a space where you can do practically anything: create timetables, add to-do lists, take notes, organize your research, plan for meetings, manage projects, and so much more. The app has powerful building tools for a variety of purposes. 

The Bottom Line

Study apps make learning more efficient and productive. These innovative tools help you streamline various tasks in your study routine. As a result, it becomes easier to manage your responsibilities. So make sure to check out these 10 apps and see your academic performance evolve.

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