Hermès Releases Luxury AirPods Pro Case and Lanyard

Appleosophy | Hermès Releases Luxury AirPods Pro Case and Lanyard
Image: Hermès

Apple has had a rich collaboration with French fashion designer Hermès as they’ve offered designer watch bands for Apple Watch and bag charms/key rings for AirTag. Now, Hermès has released a new leather case and lanyard designed for the second-generation AirPods Pro.

Made out of the same Swift calfskin that’s been used for the Hermès’ Apple Watch Bands and AirTag accessories, the Hermès AirPods Pro case protects the AirPods Pro Charging Case from scratches while offering a luxurious design that’s been carefully crafted, and its thin leather will still allow wireless charging via MagSafe, other Qi-compatible chargers, or an Apple Watch charger. The case also includes a long adjustable leather strap, so you can wear the case as either a necklace, crossbody, or purse accessory. On the back of the case, there’s a hot stamped Clou de Selle to indicate where the AirPods Pro’s pairing button is.

The case comes in both single-tone and two-tone color options: Gold, Bleu Navy, Vert Criquet/Vert Bambou, Mauve Sylvestre/Rose Azalée, and Bleu Lin/Étain. Of course, since this is a designer accessory, the case retails for a whopping $930; that’s almost 4 times the price of the AirPods Pro themselves.

If you don’t want to spend so much on such a luxury product, there’s also the Hermès Lanyard for you to attach to the second-generation AirPod Pro’s lanyard loop. The lanyard features the Swift calfskin and a circular Clou de Selle made of palladium brass, and it comes in Bambou, Gold, Bleu Navy, Rose Azalée, and Bleu Lin. The MSRP for this accessory is $335; that’s over $100 more than that of the AirPods Pro, and that’s about the same price as a Hermès Swift Leather Single Tour.

Appleosophy | Hermès Releases Luxury AirPods Pro Case and Lanyard
Image: Hermès

Please note as with other leather-made accessories in general, this Hèrmes AirPods Pro case and Lanyard are not water resistant. Additionally, unlike the Apple Watch bands and AirTag accessories, since these accessories are solely Hermès-branded, you can buy them only at Hermès as well as leather iPhone cases that the designer company also offers.

If you have all the money in the world, and you’re really into designer accessories, then by all means, buy the Hermès AirPods Pro case and Lanyard. But for the average Joe, your money might be better spent on other stylish cases and accessories for your AirPods Pro, and you can even save big with huge deals on the second-generation AirPods Pro.

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