Beats Studio Pro (4th Generation): AirPods Max Killer?

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Appleosophy | Beats Studio Pro (4th Generation): AirPods Max Killer?

Beats, which was acquired by Apple in 2014, has now introduced the next generation of over-the-ear headphones called the Beats Studio Pro. Entering its fourth generation, the Beats Studio Pro offers many nice improvements for audio listening that makes the AirPods Max even harder to recommend for most people as those headphones haven’t been updated for almost two years.

The Beats Studio Pro has features that are better than the AirPods Max in many areas. The Beats Studio Pro maintains its iconic design that is easily foldable and comes in a real carrying case that protects the entire headphones whereas the AirPods Max has that infamous Smart Case. The Studio Pro is even lighter than the AirPods Max; however, the Studio Pro’s enclosure is made entirely out of plastics, and the AirPods Max has that premium aluminum/stainless steel design. It also adopts many of Apple’s latest technologies found in its lineup of AirPods. This includes Personalized Spatial Audio and adaptive Active Noise Cancellation.

The Studio Pro offers three different connectivity options, making this the most versatile listening experience on the go – Class 1 Bluetooth, USB-C audio, and 3.5mm analog. Even better, both the USB-C cable and the 3.5 auxiliary cable are included in the box whereas the AirPods Max does not include that auxiliary cable in the box if you want to connect to any analog devices. When using the USB-C audio on Studio Pro, you get three different sound profiles: Beats Signature, Entertainment, and Conversation, perfect for any scenario when using your headphones. Even better, listening via USB-C enables true high-resolution and lossless audio playback – something that any of the AirPods models lacks.

The Beats Studio Pro works great not only for Apple devices but also for Android devices as it uses a custom-design Beats chip; however, it does have some major drawbacks for users who are used to the simplicity of AirPods. It lacks automatic device switching, and it doesn’t automatically pause what’s playing when you remove the headphones. These features are advantages when going with the AirPods Max.

So is the Beats Studio Pro a true AirPods Max killer? In many areas, it could be. You also get even longer listening time on the Studio Pro over the AirPods Max. It’s even more affordable at $349.99 vs. $549 for AirPods Max. The AirPods Max was introduced in December 2020, and it hasn’t seen an update since. The latest generation of in-ear AirPods Pro 2 has been out, and it will already get even more new enhancements and features that the AirPods Max won’t support later in the fall. Therefore, until Apple refreshes the AirPods Max with the same features found on the AirPods Pro 2, they are even harder to recommend for many casual listeners who are in the Apple ecosystem. For now, if you want some over-the-ear headphones that work great with your Apple devices, the Beats Studio Pro is a great alternative to the AirPods Max that doesn’t break the bank at the same time.

The Beats Studio Pro comes in Black, Deep Brown, Navy, and Sandstone, and you can order it today at Apple’s Online Store.

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