How to stream Halloween music on Apple Music in 2023

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Appleosophy | How to stream Halloween music on Apple Music in 2023

Halloween is coming up soon and with the important holiday coming sooner than later, you might be wanting to know how you can stream Halloween-themed music this year.

The good news for Apple Music subscribers is there are actually plenty of options to choose from for both adults and kids.

Here is what you can find and where it is located in Apple Music:

  • Halloween Party: This is a playlist made by the folks at Apple that include classics such as the theme tune to the “Ghostbusters” film, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” and “Disturbia” by Rihanna, as well as countless others.
  • Halloween After Dark: Apple describes this playlist as “creepy classic rock and alternative hits for spooky shindigs.” On this playlist you’ll find songs like “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osborne, “Pretty Girls Make Graves” by The Smiths, and “You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween” by Muse.
  • Halloween Classical: It wouldn’t be music without classical music and Apple’s description of this playlist is just that and more, “Spiritual hauntings, questions of mortality, ghoulish figures: Classical music has been addressing dark themes for centuries. Why settle for hackneyed ditties about pumpkins and mummies? These orchestral themes will put an authentic scare in you without uttering a word.” This playlist can be found on Apple Music Classical too.
  • Halloween Fun!: This one is for the kids out there, who obviously play a major part in the celebration of Halloween and must be included in it this year. The playlist will contain songs like “The Addams Family” theme song, “Do The Skeleton Scat” by The Wiggles,” as well as “Which Witch is Which” by Mickey Mouse and Goofy.
  • “Monster High” soundtracks: The music from Nickelodeon’s “Monster High” films can be found to stream on Apple Music and can be good to listen to for families.

The way to find even more Halloween playlists and albums to listen to will be going into the Music app, tapping the “Search” button, and then going to Halloween section that is promoted on that Search page.

Do you plan on listening to any of these on Apple Music this year? Comment below or let us know on X at @appleosophy.

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