Fortnite – A world wide phenomenon. Anywhere you go, people are talking about it; and now playing it too. With the introduction of Fotnite to iOS, the game has once again had a surge of players. This app review will contain all you need to fully inform yourself on the game for iOS.


With being limited on RAM, CPU and GPU space, the once loved and well known grasslands and towering hills are no more as all the luscious vegetation has seemingly vanished. This means the likeliness of being spotted is very high and there are fewer bushes to camp in [if that’s your forté]. The items in the game are still very original but are somewhat pixelated and undistinguishable from afar.


If you’re running the game on an iPhone SE, I apologise on behalf of Epic Games. While only being tested [here at Appleosophy] on an iPhone 8+ and an iPhone SE, the controls lacked accommodation for different finger sizes and resolutions. The placement of the controls also was very limiting as having to choose from the Rapid Fire or Walking/Sprinting-Double Tapping is the difference of life and death. Changing weapons can be a challenge with the reload buttons also in the same vicinity as well as the building controls also being crammed in there too.


As far as the Fortnite servers go, the latency on mobile is actually pretty good and is constant when playing on Wi-Fi. On Cellular Data, there is occasional lag but overall, it doesn’t use much of your monthly plan. On one or two occasions, the game did freeze but that was due to high network usage from other users connected to the network. It is also noted that you can play with friends on other contrasting platforms and also being able to chat with them too!


While being a good game, Fortnite manages to take up a huge 2GB of storage space – This means older iPad Mini 4 users and iPhone 6S/SE users will have to carefully manage their storage to make sure they can make the most of having only 16GB. But while being a large game, it is certainly smaller than any console version or PC/Mac version.


It is to be highly noted that anyone claiming to have giveaway codes for Fortnite iOS, or being able to get you in-game V-Bucks is a scammer and should be reported to the administrator of the platform you see it on.