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MagBolt, A Magnetic Charging Cable For iPhone

Even though Apple’s Lightning cables are symmetric and easy to insert, imagine if the cable was even more convenient. The main purpose of MagBolt: allows you to quickly and seamlessly charge your devices with a magnetic coupling

With MagBolt, you insert a tiny plug into the phone that magnetically attaches to your USB charging cable will become stupid simple for you when the phone needs to be charged.

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Furthermore, because the cable magically snaps into place from inches away, you will never need to worry that if it will damage your phone or cable by accidentally jerking the cable too hard.

The cable certainly didn’t stop here, as it’s also dust and water resistant, which seals the port from dirt, dust, and water. MagBolt also supports fast charging as well as data transfer.


The plug works in both Lightning and USB-C ports. in other words, it should capable of charging iOS and Android devices. You can purchase through MagBolt’s official website for only $20, which you will get a 2-in-1 MagBolt Magnetic Connector and a MagBolt Magnetic Cable in the box.

Source MagBolt

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