iPhone SE 2 Leaked! Fake or Real?

There have been many rumours for the iPhone SE 2. In fact, they have been non-stop since January. The iPhone SE 2 will be the successor to the original iPhone SE. The iPhone SE was a success as many people wanted a smaller phone which was also as powerful as the flagship, latest model. Essentially a budget-phone that was packed with some of the latest specs at a relatively cheap price. Apple’s reply to all ‘customer feedback’ was the iPhone SE back in March 2016. The iPhone SE was released alongside the iPhone 6S.

Well, to revive peoples’ hopes of the possibility of an iPhone SE 2 being released this year, new pictures have been leaked! These leaked pictures are supposedly of the iPhone SE 2. The pictures show a device similar-looking to the original iPhone SE. However, this show-cased SE 2 also has a glass back for wireless charging. What’s interesting is that a 3.5mm headphone jack is also on the structure of the SE 2. This contradicts what the rumours were stating earlier this year that the SE 2 won’t have a headphone jack. Already, without even analysing the pictures too much, they already seem fake.

Physical Appearance

What might be disappointing is that despite all the designs and concepts made, it seems the SE 2 will have the same boring design. A 3.5 inch LCD screen, same forehead and chin bezels, same fingerprint placement. Except the SE 2 is reportedly going to have the 2nd generation Touch ID. A hardware update is the upmost minimum that Apple will need to do. This is because the hardware in the original SE is starting to become outdated. The pictures may indicate that the SE 2 will look different from the outside, except from the glass back it pretty much looks like the SE.


In terms of hardware, the SE 2 is likely to get the A10 Fusion processor, 2gb RAM and something along the lines of a 1900Mah battery. We are expecting the SE 2 to be released possibly in May or more likely at WWDC in June.

We are also expecting a website press-release as well as an online store update. This release will be alongside the rumoured 3 iPhone models that will be debut during the fall and announced at WWDC.

Holden Satterwhite
Author: Holden Satterwhite

Founder of Appleosophy and Redfruit Media. Twitter: @hesatter

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