Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular launching tomorrow in India

Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE making it’s way to India

Apple Watch Series 3 is making its way to India in collaboration with Reliance Jio and Airtel, Which was launched back September but the apple watch could not find any support in India. At the time of its launch, Apple had called it “the world’s number one watch”, allowing users to play music, receive messages and make and receive calls without needing the phone. Along with some of the common features available on most current fitness trackers available in the market, Apple Watch Series 3 boasts of some new health features and water resistance up to 50 meters. most of the Indian were not satisfied with which the watch was not available in lte version. but now apple will be retailed starting tomorrow.


Apple says that making a cellular-enabled watch took several innovations. And the primary reason for that was the Watch 3’s size. It comes in two size options of 38mm and 42mm. The Watch Series 3 now supports voice and data over LTE/UMTS and will switch to the most power-efficient wireless available. This means that it seamlessly switches between Bluetooth, wi-fi and cellular 4G LTE depending on the most efficient network that’s available to it. Apple admits that building a full antenna into Apple Watch took groundbreaking engineering. That is because instead of adding a separate antenna, Apple engineers found a way to use the display itself as the cellular antenna which, as per Apple, comes as an industry first technology. Activating cellular on Series 3 is a simple over-the-air process that is done during setup. Apple Watch shares the same number as your iPhone so people can easily get in touch. Apple has also implemented an electronic SIM (eSIM), which claims to save space and make the setup easy. So there is also no physical SIM on the Watch 3 Cellular, it in a way clones your SIM card that’s on your iPhone. Right now Apple has tied up with Jio and Airtel to offer this service and both the telecom operators are making the Apple Watch work on your existing data plan. This means that unlike the USA where you have to pay a premium for using your Apple Watch for cellular connectivity, in India, it will work with your existing data pack at no additional cost.

  Cellular Connectivity 

Apple aims to completely change how its users operate their Apple Watch with the new Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular. The Series 3 Cellular runs on watchOS 4. With cellular connectivity. users can even ask Siri to dial any number, receive messages, and use SOS in case of an emergency without even bothering where their iPhone is.
Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular comes with several addition features like a new Explorer watch face that shows the cellular strength, Maps that give you turn-by-turn directions and Find My Friends that automatically switches to your Apple Watch location when you are away from your phone or not connected to Wi-Fi—so you can locate your friends and let friends find you. In addition to all this without using your iPhone, you can also book a cab ride with Ola and Uber right of the Watch 3.




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