New Animojis and ‘MeMoji’ Feature and Grouped FaceTime Calls

4 New Animojis

Animojis was a neat feature implemented into the iPhone X thanks to the true-depth front sensor. Today in iOS 12, 4 new Animojis have been added to the already sizeable list. The following 4 are the newest additions: Ghost, Kola, Tiger and the T-Rex. There is also Tongue Detection now.

‘MeMoji’ Feature

You can now create your own Animoji using a new feature called ‘MeMoji’. There is a whole separate menu for it. Different settings available and a ton of options when creating your own MeMoji. Once creating your own MeMoji, you can also use these and send them to friends via iMessage.


Grouped FaceTime Calls

Grouped FaceTime calls has finally been announced and implemented into iOS. You will now be able to FaceTime up to 32 people simultaneously! If you are part of a group chat on iMessage and there is an already existing group FaceTime call, you will be able to join it by just pressing the ‘Join Call’ button. This is because when you go onto the iMessage group chat, you will be able to see clearly any already-running group calls. Within the call, the display views of the different participants of the FaceTime call become bigger and smaller depending on who is talking. The ‘spotlight’ is essentially given to the member of the call who is talking. The longer you talk and the louder, the bigger your display view becomes.


Did you enjoy WWDC 2018? Looking forward to the new features iOS 12 brings?

Leave your thoughts down below!

Holden Satterwhite
Author: Holden Satterwhite

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