iOS 12 Hidden Features & Changes Spotted – Part 2

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Appleosophy | iOS 12 Hidden Features & Changes Spotted - Part 2
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While using iOS 12, more hidden changes and features were spotted.

Here are another 10 of them:

  1. Do Not Disturb now has a platter with 3 different options within Control Centre

    Before in iOS 11, you simply tapped the Do Not Disturb icon to enable it. Now you can hold on it or 3D Touch to expand the platter. You will see it has 3 different options. Enable DND: ‘For 1 hour’, ‘Until this evening’ or ‘Until I leave this location’.

  1. RAM Management improved

    RAM management on iOS 11 was pretty bad. You could leave an app and switch to another one for 10 mins and the previous one would’ve frozen. Now, RAM management is a lot better. I have noticed that some apps from an hour ago are still alive in the multi-tasking.

  1. Reachability can now be used on the Lock Screen

    On iOS 11, you couldn’t use Reachability to access the Notification Center from the top. Users found this annoying, especially those who had a Plus model iPhone or the X. Now you can do so to make it easier to access both the Notification Center and Control Center.

  1. Screen Time greys out apps, placing hourglass next to them

    iOS 12 brought a new feature which allows to set a time limit for apps in order to help you use your phone less. This feature now greys out applications and places an hourglass next to them when the time limit has been reached. This prevents you from using those applications. However, you can open the app only to be greeted with a ‘Time Limit Reached’ splash screen. This feature is also quite smart. This is because if you try and use the social media website through safari, it will prevent you from doing so there too.

  1. The Apple Books app now has a Default Dark Mode

    The Apple Books app now comes with a built in Dark Mode. However, the way it works is that once you go into dark environment, it switches to the Dark Mode. There is not a method right now to keep it in this mode but still is a pretty neat feature.

  1. New Do Not Disturb toggle in System Services Tracking

    A new toggle for the Do Not Disturb feature in System Services Tracking has been spotted. This was added due to the fact that DND can now use your location to decide when to put your phone on DND. This is because now you can set DND to stay enabled until you leave a specific location. DND will then track your location and keep the mode enabled until you leave that location which is pretty smart.

  1. Set Up Alternate Face in Face ID Settings

    Before, in iOS 11, you could only set up 1 face to use with Face ID. Now you can set 2 faces. This will be the ‘Alternate Appearance’ as it states in the Face ID settings.

  1. Automatic Software Updates

    There is a new feature within the ‘Software Update’ section in Settings. If enabled, it will automatically update your iPhones software. This can be kept disabled however.

  1. UI Changes within the Battery section in Settings

    There are many UI changes within the Battery section in the Settings app. The ‘Battery Recommendations’ have a new interface. There is now more description on what can be done to improve your battery life. There is also a new interface for tracking battery usage. This includes a detailed graph that shows at what times of the day you use your phone the most. You can click on individual bars on the graphs to view information specifically for that period of time. You can also see up to 10 days of battery usage details just to get an average reading. What’s amazing is that these usage details NO LONGER reset after a reboot.

  1. Low Battery no longer causes iPhone to stutter

    Some users have shared that when their battery gets as low as 3%, their iPhone no longer stutters especially when using animations. This is a welcomed feature as in iOS 11, iPhones use to stutter below 10% in order to preserve the little amount of battery life remaining.

There are many more features and changes that I have not yet discovered/mentioned. If you want more articles like these I will write more!

Holden Satterwhite
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